Big diabetes lies
5 Common Lies About Diabetes

5 Common Lies About Diabetes

Big diabetes lies
Diabetic issues is one of the most popular conditions in the world. It's believed that one in every Ten people has diabetes. The condition is characterized by high levels of sugar in blood. Because of the popularity of the condition, there are lots of lies about it. Here are some of the most common is situated about the condition:
Diabetic issues Is For Overweight People
Although being overweight predisposes you to the trouble, it's not the only risk factor. There are many other factors such as age, system activity, family history and race that put you at the risk of becoming diabetic. It's a smart idea to undertake regular diabetes mellitus tests so that you can recognize when your sugar quantities are rising.
You need to Eat Sugar Free Food items If You Have Diabetes
Though, eating low sugar foods aids in controlling the levels of sugar in your blood, it doesn't mean that "sugar-free" foods will entirely control your blood glucose. The truth is some of the "sugar-free" foods raise the sugar levels rather than lowering it.
To be the safe side you should speak with your physician who will recommend the best foods that you should consider.

Big diabetes lies

You Can Get Diabetes By consuming A Lot Of Sugar
In case you have prediabetes or another predisposing issue you can spike your blood sugar levels when you please take a lot of sugar; even so, there is no proof that you can get diabetes from taking too much sugar.
You Will Know If You Have Diabetes From The Symptoms
This is totally false. In fact for those who have slightly elevated numbers of blood sugar you won't have symptoms. With moderately elevated levels you could have mild symptoms. Sometimes it can take years before you decide to have full-blown diabetes signs or symptoms.
If your sugar amounts are too high you'll have these symptoms: weight loss, frequent urination, increased hunger or desire, dry mouth, nausea, infections, itching skin, and also slow-healing sores.
Once You Have Diabetic issues You Have It For The Rest Of Your Life
Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes affecting over 80% of patients. Research has shown that you don't have to accept the condition for the rest of your health. You can reverse the problem by taking a healthier diet program, losing weight and leading an active lifestyle.
There has been great debate whether or not you can reverse type 1 diabetes. Currently, there isn't a traditional cure for this type of all forms of diabetes; however, there are some research workers and doctors who say that they can heal it using a variety of herbs and foodstuff regimens.

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